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The last journal item was a little bit old, so I replaced it with this one

Thanks to all the people who've looked at pics.

Yeah, that's it for now I guess...
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Happy New Year everyone.

Thanks to everyone who's commented and fav'ed my pictures.

With a few days off I've spent some time experimenting with my camera, not everything turned out right though. :)  I also took the opportunity to take some nice pics of my familiy, using my new SB-800 flash. It really rocks.

In addition to the new flash, I've also "invested" in a wide angle zoom (the 12-24DX for you nikonians) and the 24-120 VR lens (thrown in for good measure). I was in the US for two weeks in December and couldn't afford to not buy the new stuff since the prices are about half of the Norwegian price. I also bought a flash and a lens for gregersn.

I really hope to get some good shots with the wide angle zoom soon. The 24-120 VR lens proved to be useful when I took this picture.
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